Psychotherapy is a process that can evoke strong feelings and sensations.

A gently paced, caring, mutually respectful relationship between client and therapist is crucial to make this process successful

Two factors that you as a client can contribute:

  1. Curiosity: 

This refers to an open mind, a willingness to develop a non-judgmental, observing stance and the willingness to develop a habit of wondering about your own emotions, sensations and thoughts. You will be invited to develop mindfulness, which I define as an effort to remain present and conscious and to notice any deviations from that attention to the present.  It also incorporates an attitude of non-judgement, to notice what is and is not present without any expectations of it being otherwise.

  1. Courage:

With guidance from your therapist begin to try a new approach to old problems

See this as an experiment: if it does not work, it provides more information, if it works you know which direction to pursue.